‘The Royal’ recently celebrated its 172nd birthday. Born in 1848 it has continuously worked to serve the Australian gardening community. Throughout our history, we have always had an eminent individual who is also a strong supporter of the organisation as our Patron. Since 1998 this role has been admirably performed by Jane Edmanson who is now stepping down. All is not lost. Thankfully, Jane is a strong RHSV supporter and will continue to be a very active member of the Society.


Thank you, Jane, for all you have done for the RHSV.


We are very pleased to inform you that Stephen Ryan has agreed to become our new Patron! Stephen is a prominent, Australian horticulturist and will continue the tradition of eminent Victorians acting in the role. Stephen has a long and significant relationship with ‘The Royal’ and is an enthusiastic promoter of all things gardening. We welcome Stephen as our new Patron and look forward to a long and exciting future together.


December 2020