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2The RHSV recognition of service medal is named after John Pascoe Fawkner, the founder and inaugural secretary of the VHS, now the RHSV.

In recognition of his service to the Society, three medals were struck in his memory.

The John Pascoe Fawkner medals are awarded for exemplary service to horticulture.

An affiliated club wishing to honour a member for service to the club or horticulture in general may apply for a medal to be issued by the RHSV.

Written applications are required and clubs may apply to the RHSV secretary for an application form.

The RHSV executive committee will review the application and on acceptance of the criteria one of the following medals may be awarded.

  • Gold for distinguished service to horticulture.
  • Silver for outstanding service to horticulture.
  • Bronze for service to horticulture.

Once awarded the medal will be engraved and forwarded to the club. If requested by the club, a representative of the RHSV executive committee will, where possible, present the medal.

The cost of the medal is available on application

A list of previous recipients of the Recognition Medal (ie John Pascoe Fawkner Medal)  may be seen in the ABOUT area of this website at SERVICE AWARDS. 

For further details or to have an application form posted please contact the RHSV Secretary by phone on 03 5367 6363 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..