The Mission and Purpose of the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria Inc is to... 

promote the practice of gardening and horticulture as a fulfilling and positive practice within the community

To achieve this by:

  1. Acting as a peak, unifying body for groups with similar, compatible aims and to provide leadership, resources, services, promotion and representation within the community at all social and political levels.
  2. Encouraging membership of the Society and to provide the members with a diverse range of services, resources and activities that will enhance the enjoyment and achievement in gardening and horticulture.
  3. Developing and supporting events and programs in the general community to encourage participation in gardening and horticulture by all groups in the community, especially disadvantaged, disabled and aged sectors.
  4. Encouraging joint participation of all ethnic communities and groups in gardening and horticulture to enable the beneficial transference of culture and knowledge with subsequent improved community relations.
  5. Developing and supporting environmental, conservation and community activities and programs for the general benefit of the community and the environment.
  6. Developing and promoting knowledge and expertise relating to horticulture and gardening through support of education, training and practical experience in the educational sector.
  7. Providing support to society members, affiliates and the general community in times of disaster through management of an ongoing fund for redevelopment and renewal of affected areas relating to horticulture and gardening.
  8. Developing the society through good financial and management practices to be sustainable and an ongoing progressive organization aware of its past but looking to the future.