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Below is a summary of the three main insurances you might require as a voluntary group.


There are other forms of insurance  such as Property and Theft. These can be arranged with your local insurer.


If you need more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will forward your query to our Broker and the Insurer. The information is correct as of the 21st Februaury 2012.


Public & Products Liability


Public & Products Liability Insurance provides cover for the liability of the insured association (and certain affiliated clubs employees and directors as defined in the policy wording) for personal injury or property damage happening during the period of insurance and caused by an occurrence in connection with official club activities or products (subject to the exclusions).


Note that cover is only for ‘legal liability’ – that is, the insured entity’s ordinary liability at law. This means if you indemnify parties with whom you contract and assume greater liability than you would have at law, you may trigger the policy exclusions and you will not be covered.


Care must also be taking in releasing other parties from liability as this may also trigger policy exclusions or waive insurer’s rights of subrogation, which may be a breach of a policy condition and void cover.


Directors & Officers Insurance


With greater corporate governance and regulatory surveillance in place today, company directors and officers are under increased pressure to carry out their duties and obligations meticulously.


Failure to do so may lead to personal liability for the individual director or for the entire board of directors, regardless of whether they are acting in a part-time, honorary or non-executive capacity.


Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance is designed to protect the assets of company directors and other individuals of a corporation against such claims.


Why do you need it?


Specific duties and responsibilities are imposed on directors as to the conduct in which they run a business. The responsibilities are imposed under contract conditions, common law and statutory legislation and, in most circumstances, the individual director or officer will be held personally liable.


Who is covered?


D&O liability insurance covers the decisions made by people involved in managing and running an organisation. It is important to note that it covers the individuals, not the company. The people generally covered include past, present & future natural persons, being:


  • a director, secretary and executive officer,
  • a senior manager and committee member, and
  • an employee acting in a management or supervisory role.


Coverage and/or reimbursement of costs are only available where the company has indemnified the individual/s and is subject always to the policy exclusions.


Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance


This policy can provide voluntary workers, club directors and committee members with Personal Accident insurance whilst undertaking voluntary work for your club. Cover is available, but not limited to working bees, meetings, theatrical productions, fundraisers and charity collections.


Volunteers have an important role and are not eligible for Workers Compensation. This policy ensures their protection against financial loss if an injury occurs whilst performing voluntary work.


Policy Features


  • Personal Accident, Lump sum payment for accidental death or permanent disabilities
  • Broken Bones payment for accidental injury
  • Weekly Benefits payment for accidental temporary total disablement
  • Medical Expenses (non Medicare related)
  • Non income earner payments include Domestic Home Help or Student Tutorial Benefits for full time students due to accidental temporary total disablement
  • Cover for between 16 and 80 years of age


Policy Sections


  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disability due to accident
  • Broken bones due to accident
  • Weekly Benefits payment for accidental temporary total disablement
  • Medical Expenses (non Medicare related)
  • Non income earner payments include Domestic Home Help or Student Tutorial Benefits for full time students due to accidental temporary total disablement.