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 Now that winter is over venture out into the garden and look around for some essential tasks,  so tidy up


 Feed in September.

 WATER        MULCH      DEAD HEAD     TIE UP      SMILE & ENJOY      PLAN       EASY

 Now when those tasks are completed it will be beneficial to check the following for the rest of your garden.


 Planting of natives provides food, shelter and habitat for all kinds of local animals, insects and birds.  In my area in Callistemons and Grevilleas you can always see busy birds flying in checking for insects while also having a safe rest.


 If you have the space for a fruit tree or two, lucky you.  Now is the time to mulch around the trees (not too close though).  A spray with a leaf curl spray, also a fungicide to control brown rot.


 A visit to your local nursery where they have stocked up with everything you would need to get the herbs growing.  It is very satisfying to be able to pop into the back garden and pick your own fresh herbs.  My rosemary bush keeps inviting bees into my small vegie patch aren’t I lucky?


 These plants and very beneficial in your garden and produce small beautiful flowers that invite bees.  These plants are also beneficial as their small flowers invite many native birds to stop and rest.  

 As you know our weather has been extremely cold these past few months and it would be best to leave planting of frost tender plants such as beans, capsicum, tomatoes and  sweet corn until October.  This will improve the soil with the added manures which normally are added in July or August.


 Cacti and succulent lovers now is a good time to check the pots for any weeds, plus addition of new succulent mix if required, you could also thin out some crowded succulents and pot up the young new plants.   Allow the cuttings to dry and seal.  When the cut has healed over is the best.  A few clumps of larger succulents in dryish areas of the garden can be beneficial.  Give it a try, I am sure you will be amazed how they will grow.


 Now is the time to weed and fertilise for planting next month.  Potatoes can be planted now and be ready to pick in December. Frost tender plants such as beans and capsicums next month   Don’t plant your tomatoes too early, wait until the weather is better.  A tip to your local Bunnings will give you a huge variety to choose from.


 After flowering Camellias can be fed with a good Camellia and Azalea food.

 After flowering, feed Roses.

 Seedlings need to be protected from snails and slugs (if you have any).

 Potted plants require good controlled release plant food.

 Hedges and topiary require a light clipping.

 To maintain moisture and to encourage new growth mulch your garden beds.


 Particularly if you have newly planted seedlings

 invite Native birds into your garden they are valuable in the natural pest control method. A reminder to have a small water source for thirsty birds available in a shady, safe area.  You may have to elevate it  if you have a dog or cat.


Happy Gardening