Gardener's Day Out 2024 will be on the 15th June 2024 at Deakin University Campus, Burwood. 

All of the favourite things you like about the day will be there PLUS MORE.

Again 4 Special Presenters will make it a Spectacular Day and the venue and ambiance of the whole event makes it

something NOT TO BE MISSED.


Our Presenters for 2024 are:

Clive Larkman

Plantsman, herbs, food, people, curiosity, challenge, passion, persistence, knowledgeable, horticulturalist, chef, are just some of the words that describe Clive Larkman. Enjoy the romp from garden to plate with Clive and find out what makes him the great gardening person he is.

Jane Tonkin

Jane operates a rare bulb and perennial business in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Her love for plants is lifelong, with a passion for rare woodlanders.  Share her passion for these wonderful plants and her knowledge on how to grow them. Gardening should always leave us wanting more.

Dr Greg Moore

Surviving Climate Change: Gardens and trees are essential. Trees are disappearing from urban areas all over Australia. Their loss has huge impacts on environmental and social aspects of everyday life. Trees are not just large ornaments around our homes, they are essential infrastructure. Without them our cities will not be environmentally or economically sustainable.

The Horticulturalists

 Stephen Ryan, a well-known Australian plant person, with a broad and diverse knowledge of anything horticulture. His nursery, Dicksonia Rare Plants in Macedon, Victoria is a mecca for gardeners. He is a garden consultant and former host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia. 

Matthew Lucas is his amateur friend who brings Stephen back to earth so we can all use his great knowledge. Together they are “The Horticulturalists”!


 Combine this great program with a supporting foundation of an incredible, diverse and full-on Garden Fair.

To rest your feet you have the great comfort of the presentation venue.