Open: Groups & Garden Clubs by appointment
9 Hall Rd
Mt Eccles
3953 (via Leongatha)
Christine 0438 241 240

Cost: On application
Details: All year round garden including natives and exotics as well as evergreen and deciduous trees for autumn colour. Although it covers two acres, the garden feels intimate with its many enclosed pockets and features and lovely tranquil spots that are perfect for relaxing and taking in the views of this part of South Gippsland that change at different times of the day and with the seasons. Meandering pathways lead from one “room” to another, and a small waterfall and stream trickle from the top water garden. At the front of the house are a dry stone wall and a rose arbour. There is also the occasional surprise of one of my mosaics or sculptures hidden here and there. Features include two parterre gardens, one near the house’s front garden with its central copper beech surrounded by roses and hyacinths in spring, and on the eastern side of the house which combines succulents and roses.