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The Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition is staged by the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria (RHSV) to promote Gardening in Victoria. The competition has been running for nearly 10 years and has experienced many changes and grown tremendously. It is an individual feature of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show with no other entry like it elsewhere. The competition is open to all RHSV Affiliated Societies and to RHSV Members. There are also sections for schools and similar organisations. All components of the basket are supplied free of charge. The entrants establish the baskets and grow them on to a high standard. The baskets are staged at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) and displayed for the five days of the show. Prizes are awarded in several sections. Competitors also have the pleasure of displaying their basket as part of the MIFGS. Everyone who enters is a winner! Over 100,000 people pass through the show and the baskets are seen by all. The Hanging Basket Competition also provides a great (and easy) opportunity for small groups to advertise their existence to those attending the Garden Show. Throughout the show volunteers from within the basket growers and various other RHSV members man the basket display and help the public by giving them information and passing on knowledge about the baskets, the growers, the affiliated groups and the RHSV. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and promote horticulture and the groups that are involved. All members and affiliated groups are welcomed to enter the competition. It is fun, easy to do and a wonderful learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Enter?RHSV Members and Affiliated groups. RHSV Affiliated groups are eligible by their affiliation to have one hanging basket entry. Private membership allows one basket for an individual member or more if a family membership.

How Do I become a Member or an Affiliated Group?Most gardening groups in Victoria are already affiliated with the RHSV and most use the RHSV’s insurance scheme. Thus your group may already be a Affiliated Group. If it is not, affiliation costs $40/annum. Apart from entry into the basket competition membership provides many more, substantial benefits. Private membership costs $25 for a single or $30 for a family membership. This allows entry into the basket competition but again there are other benefits for a private membership such as a quality horticultural magazine delivered quarterly. Entry forms are available on the RHSV Web Site at www.rhsv.org.au.or from the Secretary at 03 5367 6363 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What Does It Cost To Enter The Hanging Basket Competition?Entry is free to RHSV Affiliated groups and Private Members. All hanging basket components are provided free. We do encourage you to include more plant material than we have been able to supply. The basket is supplied by Gardman. The special planting mix is supplied by Debco. $10 of plants are supplied by the RHSV (more may be available from supporting nurseries).

How Do I Get My Basket Materials?The RHSV has made arrangements with a group of nurseries to assist us with this. When entering you will select a nursery from the list of those involved as the most convenient one for you to use. The RHSV will deliver your Hanging Basket Kit to this nursery where you will collect it from them. The Plant Voucher will only be redeemable at that nursery. If you wish to use additional plant material you may source that material from anywhere including the nursery you have nominated. You will be notified by the RHSV when the kit is available at the nursery.

What Plant Material May I Use In The Basket?The rules are very simple. Each entry “must” have at least one living plant in it. Aside from this it is up to your imagination and skill. No specific plant material is recommended or ruled out. Be careful of plants that require a lot of water and may not be suitable for the baskets. You should refer to your supporting nursery, your garden club, your books, the web or other growers for advice. This is the fun of it.

How Do The Hanging Baskets Get Into The MIFGS?Metropolitan entries are to be delivered to the MIFGS site by the competitor. This provides the best travel conditions for the baskets. Country entries may be picked up at allocated nurseries. Alternatively arrangements may be made for entrants to bring them to MIFGS. MIFGS site entries will be accepted on the Saturday & Sunday before judging thus Melbourne traffic will be at a minimum. Experience has shown this to be the case.

How Are The Baskets Judged?The baskets will be judged by qualified experienced horticulturalists in accordance with AHJA Rules for Hanging Baskets (to locate the AHJA refer to our website under Clubs and Societies – Victoria). Be careful of the use of Accessories. These may be cute but can be overdone. They are not banned but should be minimal.

How Will The Baskets Be Cared For During The MIFGS?The basket entries will become the temporary property of the RHSV during the MIFGS. After delivery no entrants will be allowed to groom or attend their entries prior to judging. The RHSV will look after the entry while staged at MIFGS. The RHSV will take all care but will no responsibility for the exhibit.

How Do I Collect My Basket After The Show?If you want your basket returned then you should be available to collect it from MIFGS on the last day of the show after a specified time. baskets may be collected up to noon on the Tuesday after the end of the show. Those left will be disposed of to schools etc. as much as is possible.

How Can I See My Basket On Display? The MIFGS Management will provide a Free Exhibition Entry Tickets to exhibitors to view their baskets on display.

More information Contact Secretary at 03 5367 6363 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.