Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show



Due to the impacts of the Corona -19 Virus pandemic the 2020 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show has been cancelled for this year.

The RHSV was to participate at this event with a combined display of RHSV groups inside the Exhibition Building and a display of the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition entries outside with over 500 hanging basket  to be exhibited. Neither of these two events can now happen.

We are extremely disappointed this has happened but it is proper that the show be cancelled to protect the visiting public and show participants including exhibitors, workers and the many volunteers. The safety of our volunteers and exhibitors is critical for the RHSV over any other consideration.
We greatly appreciate the show organisers (IMG) and the show Promoters (ie NGIV & FV) for all they have done to enable us to participate in the show. We sympathise with them for the extremely hard decision made.

A small bright spot is that from the ashes will grow next year's Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. We can then properly celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Show.

The Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition was to culminate at the flower show.
This is now not possible but as gardeners we are always positive and looking for ways around problems.
If not nobody would grow tomatoes!!!

The RHSV will establish a digital finale for the competition where entrants can present images of their basket entries and these will be reviewed and the best awarded appropriate prizes. Hopefully at the June Gardener's Day Out.

Details of the digital competition will be announced shortly, however we would like all basket entrants to continue to maintain their baskets and to take at least two good pictures (2mb or greater) being careful to not have any other plant material interfering with the picture.


The RHSV especially thanks all persons and supporters that have helped get us with the hanging basket competition. Especially the entrants, sponsors, supporting nurseries, the NGIV, IMG, Spot On Pots, SteelScape, inumerable RHSV members and associates The list goes on and on.

Jerome the Gnome is very unhappy and is sulking but will be back bigger than ever.

See you next year.