Open: Open to the Public on the second full weekend of April and October each year. Clubs by appointment, with free morning tea provided. Café nearby.
1656 Bulga Park Road, BALOOK Vic (Gippsland)
Facebook: Tarradise Gardens
0402 412 123

Cost: $5 Adult. U18 and groups free.

Details: “Tarradise Gardens”, a 1.5 acre property showcasing a variety of mature-sized and rare Rhododendrons, Maples and Conifers, and many other tree specimens, and a very wide range of other seasonal plants. The gardens are bordered by tall Mountain Ash Trees, lush ferns and native vegetation of the Tarra Bulga National Park, a cool-temperate rainforest at 750m altitude, located in the Strzelecki Ranges in Gippsland. With exception to our two public open weekends in mid-April and mid-October, our gardens are open by appointment to interest groups such as gardening and photographic clubs and garden based events to suit your choosing.